English Speaking Classes in Greater Noida

We conduct English Speaking:

Speak Like Kamini Institute conducts English Speaking Classes in Greater Noida for people keen to speak English fluently and correctly. The English language is universally accepted as an international language. 

In every sphere of life, English plays a very significant role. Be it a homemaker, student, teacher, freelancer, businessman, or working professional, at an executive or managerial level, everyone wishes to be well-versed with the language.

Our English Speaking Classes in Greater Noida cater to masses ranging from eight years old to eighty years old. Understanding the individual needs and time constraints of the modern world our classes have been designed for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. 

Anyone who has never had any exposure to the language to someone who is adept at speaking English, but wants to take it to an altogether different level can tremendously benefit from our English language classes in Greater Noida.

Overview of the curriculum and teaching methods used by Speak Like Kamini Institute: 


The English-speaking course curriculum covers pronunciation, vocabulary building, grammar, sentence structuring, conversational skills, public speaking, interview skills, discussion etiquette, and more through a progressive set of modules.

Key areas include:

  • Pronunciation drills focus on vowel sounds, consonant sounds, syllables, intonation, etc.
  • Vocabulary-building activities and vernacular translation exercises.
  • Basic to advanced English grammar like tenses, clauses, reported speech, etc.
  • Techniques for conversational fluency and impromptu speaking.
  • Developing scripts and skills for impactful public speaking.
  • Role-plays for interviews, group discussions, meetings, etc.

Teaching Methods:

  • Peer discussions and activities.
  • Pronunciation reinforcement through repetition.
  • One-on-one feedback and coaching.
  • Topic-based worksheets and assignments.
  • Personalized review of each student’s progress.
  • Positive reinforcement and growth mindset nurturing.
  • Gradually increasing difficulty level.
  • Extempore speeches and student presentations.

The institute follows a structured yet interactive approach to English coaching that improves learners’ knowledge, application, and confidence simultaneously.

Advantage with us:

By enrolling in our classes you will gain the confidence to converse fluently and with ease in any given social or professional setup. Our trainers will not only enhance your confidence but also impart detailed knowledge on the correct usage of colloquial words and phrases.

Our English Speaking Classes in Greater Noida will help you master the art of articulating immaculately by enhancing your communication skills through vocabulary building, sentence formation, thorough knowledge of grammar, phrasal verbs, commonly used idioms, and proverbs, correct pronunciations, modulations, and accent training. 

Not only this, you will also get to participate in interactive sessions and talks which keep the monotony of the traditional approach of teaching the language at bay. Our ways of training you for the language are fun, interesting, and practical involving day-to-day scenario enactments and role-play.

We run batches and also provide one class depending on your requirements. We run courses for students, professionals, housewives, children, job seekers, businessmen, and so on.

You may wonder, why us?

Our English Speaking Classes in Greater Noida are tailor-made to cater to individual needs and requirements, avoiding a one-for-all approach, since we understand that everyone’s need to learn the language varies and so do the levels.

We use practical and modern methodology instead of old and obsolete methods of just training for grammar. We touch all parts of speech and make you practice spoken English at various levels and setups.

Come and join our classes to enhance your experience and feel the difference that comes in your life with learning English in a well-planned and comprehensive way with us.

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